Instructables play editor and community manager Mike Warren created a tutorial for transforming plastic toy animals into awesome corn cob holders. Mike even cleverly designed his holders to firmly reconnect, so they can also be displayed as cute toys when they aren’t in use.

Click here for Mike’s tutorial.

I want to be holding it all together. 

I am doing this.

I met Kristina coming back from the Falls at Baxter State Peak. She was enthusiastic and well-spoken. The mountain had certainly given her a challenge, but like many before her, she prevailed and is on her way Southbound to Georgia. I’ll be following her blog as she makes the trek. Best of luck to you Kristina! And to Derek Marshall, who I met the same day and is also making the sobo hike. I want to thank your father especially for giving me a ride to Boston from the middle of nowhere… Something that seemed a daunting task for even an experienced hitchhiker as myself. God Bless! You are all in my prayers.



A look back at the British punk band Ian Rubbish and the Bizzaros shows how Ian and his band parted ways over their stance on Margaret Thatcher.

I think what the media fails to realize is the fact that Ian was transcending the boundaries of punk, even in his early years. He was a non-conformist to non-conformists.